Born from the womb of nature, playing by the rules of Nature and destined to return back to Nature, all the organic living beings are made up of the same “stuff” as the rest of the Universe.

Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space, are considered as pure source of energy. As energy and matter are interconnected through all existence, we are ourselves an expression of these five attributes.

In every atom, every cell, every particle of our being that make us up, we find the qualities of the five great elements. Our individual and distinct nature has shaped us with particular dominant characteristics.

In each one of us, a single element truly rules our presence, codes the genetic of our being and traces our personality, its weaknesses and strengths, its limitations and possibilities, as well as what will balance and imbalance us.

When we consciously immerse into this journey of discovery, exploration and understanding of the Five Elements, the ancient wisdom reflects on our being. We realize, at an intuitive level, how the elements play inside is, between our actions, through the relationship with the raw laws of Nature. 


Day 1 Friday

EARTH (17:45-19:00)

Earth represents the solid state of matter. It manifests stability, grounding and support.

In this welcoming class we will bring an awareness to the deepest and profound state of our being. 

Starting the process anchoring ourselves to the present moment with a nourishing pranayama session, followed by a fundamental and slow Vinyasa practice, focused on feeling rooted, strengthened and cleansed in body and mind.


Day 2 Saturday 

AIR (07:00-09:00)

Air is mobile and forever dynamic. It’s unique characteristic is the constant motion. The breath is directly linked to this element and plays an important role, being the tour guide to unfold the path through each pose and shape. 

In this Vinyasa class, we will explore heart openers coming from the support of back strength, targeting the seat of Love and Gratitude of the magical being that we all are.


WATER & SPACE (16:00-18:00)

Unstable by Nature, Water is deeply associated with the eternal flow.

Space is the field that is simultaneously the source of all matter and the space in which it exists. It is characterized as the sound and vibration. 

A blend of Yin, Restorative and Meditation, this class is an inner journey to the real You, focused on deepen the connection and trust of our feelings. A guided blindfolded experience to release emotional blockages from compact areas of our body and mind. 


Day 3 Sunday

FIRE (07:00-09:00)

Fire has the power to destroy, burn, transform and illuminate.

Together we will cultivate a powerful energy, allowing us to feel the inner fire and strength of our core, confidence, sometimes questioning our ego, progressively providing us tools to re-center ourselves in life. Dynamic breathing exercises, followed by a playful but challenging Vinyasa type yoga practice to through us out from out comfort zone. 


THE POWER OF TOUCH (11:00-12:00)

This last class is a collective reward to each one of us, where we will learn and experience techniques to connect, channel and release energy on our bodies. Through some massage and manipulation exercises we will share our light in a safe circle, as well as we decompress and relax.

About Igor Coelho


Ballroom and contemporary dance university background, he began his yoga practice the moment he felt some kind of connection with him self and the world around him went missing. Speechless with the deep benefits of practicing yoga, he decided to leave all behind and start a journey of creating a new self in India. He combines his passion for yoga in each and every single class with playful and encouraging cues, focused emphasis on the breath, drishti and being present.

His fluid but challenging classes focus on traditional Hatha yoga and alignment based Vinyasa flow.

Through his relaxed, non-judgemental and heartfelt classes, he hopes to inspire true lifestyle change by aligning the mind, body and soul, bringing eastern philosophy to the contemporary fast-paced western lifestyle.

Workshop price:

Shared room accommodation: 2900 k (without VAT: 2677 kr)

Single room accommodation: 3500,- (without VAT: 3213 kr)

Price includes:

  • Accommodation at Nøsen Yoga og Fjellhotell for two nights in a shared or individual rooms with en suite bathroom

  • All yoga classes and discussion sessions

  • Three healthy vegetarian meals a day

  • Complementary tea and coffee

  • Sheets and towels

Price does not include:

  • Products from our Café menu, such as special coffee and tea

  • Pick up from/to Fagernes or Gol