Local Information

Nøsen is located in beautiful, scenic mountain surroundings - about 35 minutes driving time from Fagernes in the Valdres Region, and about 1 hour driving time from Hemsedal. Both Valdres and Hemsedal are known for the beauty of their mountains and landscapes, and for the terrific opportunities they offer to enjoy the outdoors, all year round.

Should you wish to plan a longer stay in our spectacular region, you can get a lot of information about the areas nearby on Valdres.no and on Hemsedal.com. Depending on the season, the area offers tremendous opportunities to go on mountain hikes, biking tours, to kayak in the fjord, fish and, of course, hit the winter ski slopes. 

For cross-country fans, skisporet.no offers an overview of ski hills around Vaset. 

Fishing fans can check out the following link, in order to get more information about fishing licences and permits: inatur.no

Some of our suggestions for tours near by:

Skogshorn - Hiking (1728 m)

Ideal for: Anyone in good physical shape

Skogshorn is one of the best known mountains in the Hemsedal region and, on sunny days, its top can be admired in its beauty from our dining hall's windows.

The beautiful view on Skogshorn, from our Dining Hall window

The beautiful view on Skogshorn, from our Dining Hall window

In order to get started on the tour, you'll have to drive to Lykkja, about a 15-minutes-drive away from our retreat center, following the sign to Skogshorn and to its parking lot, which will be on the right side of the road. Once at the parking lot, the trek is well marked, starting steep, before turning left towards the top. 


Tour details:

  • About 4.5 hours long
  • 4.8 Kms one way (Slightly less than 10 Kms round-trip)
  • The entire tour takes place above the tree line
  • We recommend: Ankle-high boots, a good quality, wind- and waterproof jacket, adapted to the season, several layers of wool primers, water and food supplies and a camera.

Skogshorn - Climbing

Ideal for: Experienced climbers

There are up to 12 climbing paths up to Skogshorn. Check out ut.no for information on directions and routes. The most popular ones are "Demonstranten" and "Overraskelsen". The wall varies in height from 200m to 400m, and the degree of difficulty goes from 3 to 6.

Nibbi - Ski tour

Ideal for: the whole family

This is an excellent tour for the whole family, including a wonderful view at the top, from which Gaustadtoppen, one of Norway's highest peaks and the highest one in the county of Telemark, can be seen. The tour starts at a pasture in Lykkja, from which, holding onto the west side of the falls, you will naturally follow the valley upward, so that the peak will eventually appear in front of view. Being such a popular tour, it tends to be well marked. Once at the top, you can enjoy the view to the rear of the mountain, and the sight of Skogshorn towards the north.

The hike is steep and steady, covering 700 m in altitude, and making the descent become playful. The snow tends to stay on the ground for most of the year, and should be expected in spring. For more experienced hikers, seeking a more challenging experience, alternative descent routes are available. We recommend that only the most experienced mountaineers consider those, and that they'd gather sufficient information on weather and mountain conditions ahead of the trip. For more info, check out ut.no.

Hike to Grønsennknippa (1368m)

Ideal for: the whole family, and especially for families with young children


The Top of Grønsennknippa is an easily accessible hike, and a children's favorite. Children as young as three years have hiked this trail on their own (Or with limited time getting carried by their family towards the end of the trip). Starting at Grønsennstølane (8 km t / r), you can get a comfortable ascent, but the top can also be reached following a trail from Bjødnhøvd, or from Nøsen via Nøseknippa (1234 m).

Coming from Nørdre Trollhovd, the tour starts on the small hill just before Grønsennstølane, where the parking lot is. The start of the trail is well signposted, and the hike is very easy to follow all the way to the top. At the top there are beautiful views in all directions. 

If you want to extend your trip, you can proceed to Nøseknippa. 

Weather at Nøsen

What is the weather forecast?

Nøsen lies at approximately 900 meters above sea level. In Norway, this is close to the tree line, the edge of the habitat at which trees are capable of growing.

The weather here is typical for the Norwegian mountains. In the winter, the temperature can reach -20º C degrees - both in day-time and at night. Nøsen is covered in snow throughout most of the spring, and even in summer, we recommend to bring and wear wool, both inside and when going out on tour, as the temperature can change fast. Summer nights are quite chilly.

To best enjoy the surrounding areas, we recommend to bring along proper mountain gear, including ankle-high boots, wool baselayers, and a water- and windproof jacket. This is recommended also in summer.

We also recommend to bring along at least one pair of warm slippers. For hygiene reason, we do not allow the use of shoes indoors.

Do make sure to check the temperature ahead of your visit, by consulting yr.no and checking out average temperatures by month below.

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