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Silent Retreat with Venerable Dhammadipa

13. - 20. juli 2018

This is a unique chance to study with an internationally recognized master of Buddhist meditation

Dhammadipa who is close to 70 years old, has a vast experience within a variety of Buddhist traditions. He has an impressive academic background within literature, philosophy and languages and has been a meditation practitioner for more than 40 years. Dhammadipa teaches regularly at Hong Kong university, Prague University and International Buddhist Academy, Kathmandu. He speaks six languages fluently and is a translator of Buddhist texts from Sanskrit, Pali and Chinese. His wide experience as a practitioner within diverse Buddhist traditions makes him a rare teacher and lecturer. Above you can see a video in which he explains his approach to Buddhism. 

Dhammadipa's greatest strength is his ability to guide students towards a deep transformative experience in meditation by leading them step by step past the superficial and restless fluxations of the mind and towards a deeper understanding of its innate nature, its lucidity and awareness.

Who is this retreat for?

This retreat addresses all those who seek a deeper understanding of meditation and who are prepared to learn step by step from an experienced master. During the week you will get a chance to have personal interviews with Dhammadipa as well as attend daily lectures on themes such as Abhidharma (the higher teachings of the Buddha), the nature and structure of our minds and practical approaches to meditation. This will provide a clear guidance and an understanding of the theoretical foundation of meditative practice. Days will commence early with seated meditation, walking meditation, Qi Gong and yoga. There will be 3-4 meditation sessions per day plus additional lectures and Q&A-sessions.

This is a retreat for you who want a precise introduction to meditation or a deepening of your existing meditation practice. Dhammadipa is a much sought after and internationally renowned teacher. This is the second time he visits Norway and providing a rare occasion for learning meditation from a master.

The daily schedule will consist of teachings, sitting meditation sessions, walking meditation, karma yoga, and question and answer sessions. Dhammadipa will be accompanied in the retreat by his assistant Dhammarama, who will help facilitate daily Chi Gong sessions, which will make it easier to get in touch with the subtler aspects of body and mind.


Silent Retreat with V. Dhammadipa
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