Mysore style

Every morning 7.00 - 9.00

Price drop-in: 220 NOK

Every morning starts with the classic "Mysore style" yoga – the traditional way to practice Ashtanga Yoga as taught in Mysore, India. This is the class where you develop your own personal practice. In a Mysore class you practice in your own tempo together with others on different levels. You practice as far as you have learned, and the teacher helps and adjust according to that. You don't need to be experienced to attend the class.

Moon days: There is no Mysore practice during the full- and new moon days.

Introduction to Ashtanga yoga

Every day 16.30 - 17.30

Drop-in class (60 min): 150 NOK

Class is held in English.

Soft yoga

Hver dag (17.30 - 19.00)

Using yoga positions from the Ashtanga yoga system, this class is calmer and softer. We move through the positions in a slower manner with focus on breathing and finding calmness and space in the body.

Pris drop-in (90 min): 220,-

Class is held in English.

Yoga class passes

It is also possible to buy one-month pass that gives you unlimited access to all our drop-in classes during one month, as well as you can purchase a 10-entrance pass that gives you access to 10 drop-in classes (valid for 6 months).

  • Yoga pass (10 entrances) - 1500,-

  • Yoga one-month pass - 1000,-

Private classes

Private class (60 min / 90 min): 700 NOK / 900 NOK

You can book a private session with one of our teachers. The class will be suited for your wishes and needs. Contact us and we will find a time that will work for you.

Remember to book in advance on this websites (see below), or through +47 48 42 28 88, or on mail: Thank you!

Body is not stiff, mind is stiff
— Sri K. Pattabhi Jois