Our Kitchen

During retreats and selected events, we generally offer 3 colourful, nutritious and delicious meals per day.

Our kitchen is based on a few, key principles:

  • Communal, shared meals - We serve breakfast at 9 am, lunch at 1 pm and dinner at 7 pm. We generally serve one dish, with sides, for both breakfast and lunch. For dinner, we generally prepare a dessert, too. The staff - which mostly consists of volunteers - and guests eat together.

  • Plant-based food - Our meals are vegetarian and we often take inspiration from Ayurveda, to prepare well-balanced, nutritious, tasty dishes. 

  • One common meal for all - We choose to serve one dish for everyone, paying attention to make it as inclusive as possible (Vegan and allergy-free options are of course taken into consideration!!). We choose to serve only one dish and offer no buffet, because we believe that, by accepting with a thankful and open heart and mind that which is prepared for us, we learn to practice "non-attachment", an important concept within yoga. 

When we do not have retreats, we keep our café opened, for guests and drop-in customers to be able to enjoy nutritious, yet simple food at their convenience.

Guests, who are staying at our mountain lodge and who have not joined a retreat, are more than welcome to join our communal meals. Apart from enjoying our delicious food, guests will then be able to get to know us and our volunteers, as well as to better understand our philosophy and learn about upcoming activities.

For non-retreat guests, the following prices apply: 

  • Lunch - 185 NOK/pp
  • Dinner - 150 NOK/ pp
  • Lunch and dinner - 300 NOK/ pp

Breakfast is included in our accomodation price for all hotel guests. Lunch and dinner prices apply for non-retreat guests, regardless of whether or not they decide to avail of our breakfast offering.

Our kitchen is available to prepare food for take-away, be it for the travel journey or for a mountain hike. Enquire at reception by 8 pm the evening ahead of your trip.

If you are looking for a place to celebrate a unique life event, you can book a table or our entire place and order a special meal according to your wish. For more information contact us on post@nosenyoga.no.

Note that we normally do not serve alcohol.