Nøsen Yoga Mountain Lodge is a high-mountain lodge, set in fantastic landscapes and natural surroundings. The area offers great opportunities for both adults and children, at all times of the year. Around Nøsen, there are several mountain tops reaching 1700 meters above sea level and great opportunities for skiing, cycling, padling or fishing. 

The hotel started receiving guests as far back as in 1888.

Alexander Medin has taken over the management of the hotel in 2015.

Alexander is an experienced yoga instructor, and he focuses on yoga's potential for personal development.

He has driven initiatives such as Gangsteryoga, a project to bring yoga in prison, and Back in the ring, leveraging yoga as a practice to fight drug addiction. Together with participants to the "Back in the ring" project, he has restructured the hotel and created a place for everyone and anyone to come and strengthen their body and mind, relax their shoulders, take in the nature and practice yoga in a warm and generous environment. 

Nøsen is opened to everyone, and to people who wish to deepen their experience of yoga.

Every morning, you can start the day with a yoga session. We regularly arrange courses and workshops with Norwegian and international yoga teachers for yoga practitioners at different levels of practice.

At Nøsen, you will get a chance to relax, find harmony and happiness, and just BE.

In 2016, Nøsen served as a Refugee Camp. You will find a few picture from that time below.


Picture from Nøsen as Refugee Camp.