Welcome to Nøsen!

Please take a look at our house manual. We hope this house manual will help you make the most of your stay and enjoy at best our beautiful mountain lodge and area!


  • All of our rooms are equipped with electrical heaters. If using during your stay, please make sure to turn them off at departure.

Eat and drink 

  • Breakfast is included in the room rate. (People participating in events and retreats have all meals included. Check the event for more information about this)

  • Join us for lunch and dinner (150 NOK per meal per person). Not joining for breakfast does not entitle guests to a free lunch or dinner. Meals are cooked according to available ingredients and with consideration to the environment. Please inform staff the day before, in case of dietary restrictions.(people participating in events and retreats have all meals are included. Check the event for more information about this)

  • All our meals are vegetarian and cooked from scratch.

  • We use fresh vegetables and as little preserved or canned food as possible.

  • We kindly ask to clean up after you finished eating by placing the used dishes on the trolley that is located in the dining area.

  • We have an awesome selection of coffee and tea in our kafé! Most of the items are hand picked “gems” from different corners of the world! Enjoy a warm cup of coffee with us in front of the fireplace after dinner.

  • If you go for a hike or on a skiing trip, we are more than happy to provide you a lunch box with some home-made sandwiches. Please notify the staff a day before about it. We charge 50 NOK per lunchbox.


  • If needed, you can wash your clothes in our laundry. Please, ask our staff about availing of our laundry service. We charge 100 NOK per wash.

Some other house rules

  • If you need anything from the kitchen or if you need to store your food in our fridge, please ask one of the staff members.

  • Personal items like books, clothes, computers, etc., feel better when kept in your private room rather than lying abandoned in the cafe area.

  • No shoes allowed indoors. Make sure you bring some slippers, for indoor use, while at Nøsen.

  • Feel free to read books from our library and do not forget to return them back in place :-)

  • Let us know if there is anything you need or if there is anything we can do to make your stay even more pleasant!

We depend on your honesty to accomplish our vision, which is to offer people the opportunity to experience the unexplainable essence of being, in the beautiful landscape of Nøsen and the Valdres region.

Feedback on anything that we can or could do better is very much appreciated ☺