Easter is just around corner!!!

In Christianity, Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus, representing victory over death, and bringing light over darkness. Both in symbolism and calendar positioning, Easter is also associated with Passover in Judaism, celebrating the liberation of the Hebrews from slavery in Egypt by the crossing of the Red Sea. In both traditions, Easter and Passover are traditionally preceded by a 40-days period of fasting, penance and prayers - making the holiday a time of celebration. 

Here at Nøsen we are getting our café ready to welcome guests and our Shala prepped for some drop-in classes. 

We believe that, apart from being a time of celebration after 40 days of observance, Easter can represent a new start. It is a moment of celebration of light over darkness - very much aligned with the start of spring - and a great time to reconsider some of those new years resolutions, make plans for the summer, do a first assessment of the new year and cleanse, refocus, rekindle with oneself and others and commit to one's practice. 

Whether you decide to come up to Nøsen for a day or for a week, you can look forward to the following programme of yoga, celebration and energy-refill:

  • 8h00 - 10h00: Mysore drop-in 
  • 10h00 - 17h00: Open café
  • 17h00 - 18h30: Soft yoga (Led class)


Products on offer and prices


  • One time drop-in: 200NOK
  • 5-class pass: 800NOK 


  • Our café will be open to serve soups, waffles, scones and muffins, sandwiches, chocolate and more!


  • Dinner reservations mandatory, at least 24 hours in advance
  • Dinner menu: 150NOK
  • Dinner menu, child price: 100NOK

Mysore timer drop inn kl. 8-10 - Myk yoga om kvelden kl. 17-18h30. Vi kommer til å ha åpen kafé fra kl. 10 til 17h00, med suppe, vafler, brød og litt forskjellig. Drop-inn yoga koster 200NOK, men det er mulig å få kjøpt et klippekort med 5 innganger for 800NOK. Dere kan gjerne komme inn og spise middag, med i så fall, må det reserveres innen kl. 19h00 dagen før. Middag koster 200 NOK per pers og barnepris blir 100NOK.

For more info about our Easter programme and for reservations, please click on this link

Fun fact:

Easter Eggs

Did you know that the idea of Easter eggs stem from the early christian community in Mesopotamia, who used to stain eggs in red, to commemorate the blood of the crucifixion? (Source: wikipedia) You might look at your Easter egg differently, next time you bite into that creamy chocolate...